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Most people recognize the name Wendy Lawton because of her dolls. For almost three decades she’s sculpted winsome faces out of clay to be molded for Lawton Doll Company’s award-winning limited edition porcelain dolls. In 2006, she was awarded the industry’s highest honor, The Lifetime Achievement Award. But if you ask Wendy, she’ll tell you she is a storyteller. “For most of my life I’ve been telling stories,” she says. “Sometimes I tell a story in porcelain— by creating a doll. At other times I tell the story using words.”

Wendy’s Daughters of the Faith book series grew out of her fascination with the stories she discovered about real girls who made a difference. These were not stories of girls who grew up to do something special or women who married famous men, but girls who made a mark on history while they were still young.

“The stories are hard to come by,” Wendy says. “History tends to record the stories of men. Sometimes we come across the historical account of a woman. Once in a while we even read of boys’ exploits, but hardest to find is the young girl’s story. Growing up, I craved stories of real girls.”

Wendy was not the only one craving such stories; her Daughters of the Faith series continues to receive rave reviews from young readers across the country who find inspiration in these true tales of heroism.

Wendy Lawton’s dolls also begin with a story. “It’s a visual, tactile way of telling the tale,” she says. Whether she’s telling the history of Raggedy Ann, the account of the blind colonial girl, Clarissa Fields, or retelling the tale of Anne of Green Gables; it’s all about story.

In 2002, Lawton created dolls to depict the characters in her first two books. “It was an exciting moment when my writing and my dolls intersected.” Wendy says. One of these Daughters of the Faith dolls, Courage to Run, was nominated for the 2002 Dolls of Excellence award. 2003 brought the release of two new dolls in this series— Almost Home and Ransom’s Mark. You can learn more about all the dolls in the Daughters of Faith series here.

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